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    Btw Happy New year to mate and I tried to PM you a few days back but I think your In-box was full or something! Please try to In-box me and I hope all is as well as can be expected "Down Under" with you/for you
    Happy new year to you too mate! I'll have a look at my inbox to see if i can clear it out, didn't realise i was that popular.


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      Happy new year to you too mate! I'll have a look at my inbox to see if i can clear it out, didn't realise i was that popular.
      Yeah thanks and yeah you should know all the Guys who reverse-tied their Ties 9keeping the school theme going) are the most popular bro

      I am unsure though to be honest how long it is - since i sent u a PM, so just reply to the last/latest one m8!!


      • Does anyone think in hindsight that detention actually worked as an actual punishment? At my school, detention was all about staying in at playtime/breaktime or for half an hour after school, writing out lines 100 times, "I must not...", or copying two textbook pages onto A4 paper. Was it a waste of time (and ink and paper) or did the punishment actually work and thus one never repeated the offence at school again? Was it bearable enough that the misdemeanor wasn't too bad to get the so-called punishment which was on offer - and some did it again?

        After all, there wasn't mush difference between being suspended or expelled and breaking up for the summer holidays - they both meant no more going to school!
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        • I was at secondary school during the 1970s and had the slipper (PE teacher's plimsoll). And on one occasion, a whack on my backside with a cricket stump! From the same PE teacher


          • Originally posted by George 1978 View Post
            Does anyone think in hindsight that detention actually worked as an actual punishment?
            No - cos me and fruends and any1 with any guts always "skivved off it" to be honest George mate



            • I attended a Roman Catholic secondary school in the north coast area of Northern Ireland in the late 1970's where corporal punishment was used on a daily basis. The strap was the most used form of punishment, always on the hands in public and could be administered by the Headmaster and a few select senior teachers. I witnessed strappings on a daily basis, mainly in assembly and occasionally for more serious offences pupils, both male and female, were caned hard on the hands.
              I was never a trouble maker at school, nor were my group of friends. However 2 specific instances stick in my mind. On one occasion my best friend at school, who had never been in trouble before, foolishly was spotted by a teacher spitting out chewing gum in the playground. A double whammy as chewing gum was banned and spitting it out was a definite no no. She was marched straight to the headmaster's office and returned to our class after lunch with tears in her eyes. As she sat beside me, she showed me her hands which were quite severely marked with the effects of the strap. She later told me the headmaster was furious, told her off and told her she was to receive 3 hard strokes with the strap on each hand, which she took with great difficulty almost in tears. I think the headmaster and other teachers were even more strict with us well behaved pupils as a warning to never reoffend. My friend never took the risk again if even chewing gum let alone spit it out.
              I personally received only 1 punishment in my 5th year close to exam time. I foolishly took an afternoon off as it was Sports Day, thinking I wouldn't be caught. A teacher however spotted me and 2 others, reported us to the headmaster who in assembly the next morning read our names out and told us to report to his office immediately after assembly. We were waiting outside his office and he ordered us into his office in a no nonsense tone. We knew we were in big trouble as he regarded our absence as a form of truancy which was one of his pet hates. He told us we were going to get caned on our hands, 2 on each hand. I was first and the pain of the cane was almost unbearable and despite only 2 strokes on each hand, my hands were stinging and I was close to tears. I then had to watch my 2 friends get exactly the same. Afterwards I went to the toilets and ran my hands under the cold tap to try to dull the pain. Needless to say it was only temporary relief as the pain lasted all day. That was my first and last experience of corporal punishment.