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Songs that make you smile :)

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  • Songs that make you smile :)

    I'm sure this will have been asked before but what songs make you smile? For me it's:
    PSY "Gangnam Style" - even without the video this always brings a huge smile to my face and the version with Hyuna and her little girl voice is priceless!
    Ylvis "What does the fox say" - licence to make silly noises galore
    Electric Six "Danger, high voltage" - once heard/seen, never forgotton and the added bonus that it irritates the hell out of my other half when I try to get him to sing it with me on walks. Check out the Boris spoof version!
    Black Sabbath "NIB" - yes, really! Great song but has the added bonus of making me want to attempt the backpack dance!
    Crazytown "Butterfly" - that opening twang just does it for me!

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    Takes Me Back To My Childhood, happy days .

    and this choon.

    reminds me of me when was little and going to my local feastweek do round my way.


    Best Years Of My Childhood Was Growing Up In The Late 90's and the early 2000's . before the world went Mad


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      real hope ..Paul Heaton, Jackie Abbot
      divine Comedy ..National Express