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Thread: Songs That Sound Alike or Similar

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    Head over heels by Abba

    We are Detctive by Thompson Twins

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    Cast my Fate to the Wind

    Jesus Christ Superstar

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    There was a Swedish Eurovision entry in recent years which sounded a little bit like Edison Lighthouse's Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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    Another 2 that sound similar - at least intro-wise to me is Human by the Human Leauge and one/or 2 of Phil Collins' Songs .... in-particular the one "She Can't Walk But She's Trying"

    I know a lot of people through the years slated the Human Leauge as "Electro Rubbish", not as I would as a fellow Yorkshireman, and aalways remembering their first major single "Don't You Want Me" from as long back as I can - but to/for me if that intro sounds like a Phil Collins Song (and I really think it does), that shows how great a band they were - and I am sure they'd appreciate the comparison too!


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    Default Songs That Sound Alike or Similar

    Iím sure Iíve mentioned it before but Ed Sheeran is the prince of plagiarism ...

    Heís apparently got a team of lawyers constantly defending cases against him ... next time you hear one of his new songs for the first time .. just consider what song it Ďremindsí you of . ..

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