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  • Ian Lavender

    Ian Lavender - the last member of Captain Mainwaring's legendary platoon in Dad's Army, has left us, aged 77.

    I wonder if, when he reaches the Pearly Gates and St Peter asks his name a voice will call out "Don't tell him Pike!"

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    I actually thought that there were already no surviving Dad's Army cast members (while Lavender was still with us). I think that it is because I always associate the cast being middle-aged in the days when being in one's 20s or 30s did make one older than middle-aged. He was in his 20s when the series began in 1968.
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      A brilliant actor who made Dad's Army what it was - though all the other actors in-paricular Arthur Lowe as Mainwairing and Jonsey too probably are the best Ian easily fits into the top 3 with his perfect timing of utter rubbish that pike became known for spitting out. Also I liked him and grew fond of his EastEnders character Derek too - who was quite a breath of fresh air at thet time. Often poor Derek was made a fool out of by Pauline I recall or just generally pushed away by her. Bless him - the poor Guy really tried with her - but was always batting with his hands tied behind his back - a great actor who will be well well missed who provided us with some amazing pieces of acting on Dads Army

      RIP Ian Lavender


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        Rip ian.

        I didnt know dads army started in 1968 and watching episoides of it some of the cast were of a fair age.
        So some of them prob died decades ago.



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          Sad news... so many famous faces leaving these days.
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