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Dolly Parton - the lady and her songs

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  • Cartimand
    I do like her version of Stairway to Heaven!
    She's led an extraordinary life and I do admire her, even though prog rock and heavy metal are my choices in music.

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  • George 1978
    started a topic Dolly Parton - the lady and her songs

    Dolly Parton - the lady and her songs

    She was the Queen of American country and western, and even Sesame Street did a parody spoonerism on her name. She was no relation as far as I know to David "Isn't She Lovely" Parton (unless anyone out there says that they are), and she held her own most of the time. Dolly Parton worked longer than just Nine-to-Five as a performer, and I was so familiar with her songs on the radio growing up, although apparently, according to, only Jolene made it into the Top 40 in 1976. It was played on the radio when we had a visitor at our home, and the visitor said that it was his former wife's name - Jolene, that is, not Dolly. Nine-to-Five (or indeed 9 to 5) loitered outside the Top 40 in around 1981-1982. I know that a few ITV regions showed the American TV series of the same name, usually around the same time, usually in the Barney Miller-slot after News at Ten on a Friday night (I was obviously in bed as I was too young to even stay up anything, post-watershed). At least with the help from Kenny Rogers, Islands in the Stream got the pair to a respectable number seven in the British charts in late 1983.

    In 1982 Parton had the hit Here You Come Again which was not the most famous of her hits; I believe that it was used in a TV commercial for gravy granules or something a few years ago, probably Bisto? The tune sounds familiar. This year, a musical based on Dolly Parton will bare the same title and will be making the rounds around the country; I believe that it will be local to me in June; (staying in Nottingham is boring, which is why I even turned down tickets for Grease the Musical at the Nottingham Theatre Royal on my birthday this year, ironically enough!) But I shall resist until the end of August in order to afford me to visit Wales just in time for my birthday and also Cardiff and South Wales for the first time. I have already booked tickets to see this show at the, ironically Scottish-sounding Donald Gordon Theatre at the Wales Millennium Centre. Parton could also be regarded as a Marmite act, but if they can make a musical out of the star, then it is probably well-worth booking tickets to see it.

    Not surprisingly it has had a run in its native United States, and now it is moving onto other parts of the world. An actress called Tricia Paoluccio will play the part of Dolly in which case she will almost certainly be acting as well as singing just like the real Parton. Paoluccio is someone who I am not familiar with; I have seen a picture of her in a black dress online, looking as if she is at some awards ceremony and I wouldn't have made comparisons with Parton from looking at it. One had to look at the IMDB, but I am sure that her talents on stage will hold enough water for a couple of hours entertaining the paying audience, not to mention an attempt to get her autograph which I will do at some point, probably during the earlier part of her tour leading up to August. I know that I won't be working Nine-to-Five on my birthday this year but getting ready to watch what should be a great evening. I am certain that other actors and singers will give Paoluccio support on stage. I just might give an update on the Watching Musicals at the Theatre thread later on in the year.

    So, do you like Dolly Parton or do you think that she is aimed at the cowboy and western country anoraks who dress ironically in the gear and go "ye-ha"? Or is she just Marmite? I am relying on both Dolly and Tricia to make my birthday such a huge success this year, not to mention the good people of Cardiff.(Bore da!)