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    Re: Cover Songs.

    Originally posted by branny View Post
    Thought she was great in Legend but seems to have vanished since.
    Maybe making babies... ?
    Always ready for chat.


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      Re: Cover Songs.

      doing lots of TV apparently....American Gods (TV Series)
      Laura Moon / Essie MacGowan
      - Episode #2.1 (2019) ... Laura Moon
      - Come to Jesus (2017) ... Laura Moon
      - A Prayer for Mad Sweeney (2017) ... Laura Moon / Essie MacGowan
      - A Murder of Gods (2017) ... Laura Moon
      - Lemon Scented You (2017) ... Laura Moon
      Show all 9 episodes
      2018 The Affair (TV Series)
      - Episode #4.10 (2018) ... Sierra
      - Episode #4.7 (2018) ... Sierra
      - Episode #4.5 (2018) ... Sierra
      - Episode #4.3 (2018) ... Sierra
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        Re: Cover Songs.

        Westlife probably did 2 of the best cover versions - of Seasons In The sun that Terry Jacks originally did in the 70s, but I think Terry's just shades it - but Against All Odds with Mariah Carey (and both Westlife and Mariah was arguably the Kings and Queen of Pop) certainlydid go Against All Odds and even excelled the amazing Phill Collins' version from the 80s

        As much as I am a fan of Phil Collins - Westlife and Mariah win with this one I think, because yeah Phil is an amazing singer, but too many of his songs follow the exact same tune and this is how Westlife and Mariah just sneaked it over the orginial I feel

        Maddonna totaly re-invented Don McClean's American Pie and twisted it until it was nothing like and in essence knocking half of the 7 or 8 mins long off it - that it originaly ran, but I still like it and until Madge and Don do a Duet on it I'll never accept it as an original that was covered in any way - as much as too I am amega mega Madge fan!!

        Moving back onto Mariah Carey her version of Nillsson and Without You nearly sneaked his origiinal I thought - but not quite!!!

        Some other notable 1s that I'd call un-known as covers are Mike Flowers Pop Group from the mid 90s who was a sort of Gospel/Pop Group covered Oasis' Wonderwall with immense sucsess and turned it into a very very sweet mellowed song I thought and it worked well with their other Song on the CD they brought out - Son Of God

        One where Nillisson can not win though is v the Housemartins and Everybody's Talking which was very differing tune-wise I found. Probably the greatest cover done though was the Pet Shop Boys doing Elvis' Always On My Mind - as if anyone could top an already "Slow-Burner" so well ..... but they did, regardless of them rightly or wrongly being part of the Electro Pop Musi/Electro Instruments they used that was so so common in their 80s hey-day!!



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          Re: Cover Songs.

          " Seasons In The sun that Terry Jacks originally did in the 70s."

          That was itself a cover! The original was "Le Moribund" by Jacques Brel in 1961.
          The first English cover was by Rod McEwan in 1963.


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            Re: Cover Songs.

            Originally posted by tex View Post
            Bad news was the best of comic strip presents (imo)

            I couldn't help noticing that pink bottle of InfaCare lotion in that picture which dates it to 1987 - I used to use the blue bubble bath version when I was younger.
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              Re: Cover Songs.

              Ruby Tuesday, Marianne Faithfull.
              Ruby Tuesday, Melanie.
              I Saw Her Standing There, The Pink Fairies.
              Dear Prudance, Siouxsie and the Banshees.
              Helter Skelter, Siouxsie and the Banshees
              Emma, Sisters of Mercy.
              Dream On, The Mission.
              Tainted Love, Marilyn Manson.
              Sweet Dreams, Marilyn Manson.


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                Re: Cover Songs.

                You cant hurry love -Phil Collins